About the Founder

Message from the founder

“Parcel shipping is a basic need in today’s world but traditional couriers have fallen behind in technology and service quality.  Hitchmail is born out of the necessity for a better cross country parcel shipping service and we are working hard to be faster, more reliable and super convenient while staying at a very competitive price point”    
Stefan Trischuk (Founder of Hitchmail)

Stefan Trischuk



Stefan has been the visionary and founding force behind 3 previous businesses but whenever he had to ship a parcel, he was disappointed with the service and frustrated with the price.  Stefan knew that many other small business owners were unhappy with their shipping provider but felt helpless because no suitable alternatives existed.  Stefan recruited a talented team of individuals then began a passion fuelled journey to create a new type of shipping business using modern technology and tailored to the needs of small businesses and individuals. The name Hitchmail Inc. was chosen to reflects the use of trailers and crowd sourced drivers.