Hitchmail is Urgently Seeking Highway Drivers to pull small trailers between Winnipeg, Saskatoon, & Regina.  If you regularly drive between any of these cities and have a hitch, we want to hear from you.

Totes were clearly labeled and easy to handle. The storage facilities in pick-up city and destination city were located in central locations near main routes so it was easy to navigate. The instructions provided were clear and easy to follow and the compensation is good especially when combined with personal errands.

Bruce P.

Hitchmail Driver

First Time Drivers

In order to become a Hitchmail driver, complete this PDF form below, save it and send it to service@hitchmail.com along with two pictures showing the front and back of your driver’s license.

Hitchmail empowers you with a convenient and profitable way to earn extra money whenever you drive to a different city.  You will be paid immediately upon arrival at the destination terminal.

Why Work with Hitchmail?

Hitchmail is a service that enables drivers who are traveling between cities to tow a trailer filled with parcels and earn enough to have all their expenses covered. Hitchmail has sorting terminals in several Canadian cities where trailers can be picked up and dropped off.

Once you become an approved driver and accept a load, you will be given 24 hour access codes so that you can pick-up and drop-off the load at your own convenience.

Hitchmail trailers are very small and can even be pulled by a car. The only requirement from the driver is a clean criminal record, clean drivers abstract and a vehicle with a hitch.
This service is suitable for people who commute between cities for school, work or traveling for any other reason.

Hitchmail pays better than other crowdsource options because of the high value of parcels and the large volumes that are transported in trailers.

Hitchmail empowers drivers with a convenient and profitable way to earn extra money whenever they drive to a different city. Being a crowdsourced driver has never been this profitable and convenient till now. When you are traveling, just pick up, drop off, get paid.

Driver Requirements
  • Valid driver’s license (picture proof required)
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Pass a criminal record check.
  • Complete the phone number and email address verification.
Vehicle Requirements

Sturdy 1 7/8″  ball hitch

Working trailer light wiring with a flat 4 pin connector

Crowd Sourced Contract Drivers

Pick Up>> Drop Off>> Get Paid!

Highway Drivers

Perfect for people who are traveling between cities for private reasons who have agreed to pull a trailer or haul a tote in exchange for payment. Each driver goes through a vetting process where their driver abstract and background check are examined.  Once the driver is approved, a copy of their ID and driver’s license is still kept on file to ensure it remains valid.

The trailer or tote will remain locked while in the driver’s possession and they will never see the contents.  Serialized security seals are used on each tote or trailer to show if any tampering happens and it is part of the process to have a Hitchmail Employee check the seals every time a driver accepts or drops off anything.   Drivers only pick up and deliver at sorting terminals and if a seal is found broken then the driver must wait while the barcodes of the contents are scanned to see if any are missing.  The driver is also aware that every trailer and some totes contain GPS trackers which constantly feed information back to Hitchmail.  This is done to provide the real time tracking and also to monitor the timing of the driver so that they can be rated on a points system. Long haul drivers are only paid enough to cover their vehicle expenses meaning that Hitchmail is only used as a way to recoup travel costs and is not meant to be done as a full time driving job.  Each driver is immediately paid upon delivery to the sorting centre and in the beginning this will be done by check, cash or e-transfer.  The reliability of these drivers is maintained by having an extremely high level of accountability that works on a points system.  The GPS tracking database stores information about each driver’s reliability and speed which is translated into a points rating that is used to determine pay, priority for getting future loads and the value of the items being transported by that driver.  Good drivers will earn financial bonuses or even win coveted awards.  These perks strongly incentivise the drivers to constantly strive for higher points.


Look at us grow! We are on the look out for the following positions:

  • IT
  • Sorting
  • Deliveries
  • Trailer maintenance

I frequently travel the TransCanada highway between Vancouver island and Manitoba and I always look for the opportunity for ways to cover my fuel costs in order to leave more money in my pocket. 

On my last trip from Winnipeg to Calgary, I became aware of the Hitchmail organization and thoroughly checked out all of the details. I like their business model and I communicated frequently and directly with Stephan, The President of Hitchmail. He clearly explained my required duties in providing the service and what I would get in return and it was exactly as stated. Everything was very straightforward and the trailer I told was brand new and even included a spare tire in the event there was an issue. I will be looking to do this again on everyone of my trips.


Hitchmail Driver

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