How it Works

What is it all about?

Why we need Hitchmail. Traditional couriers have fallen behind in technology and service quality causing parcel shipping in Canada to be inconvenient, expensive and unreliable.

The Hitchmail Solution

Hitchmail has created an entirely new shipping system by filling small trailers with parcels then hitching them onto private vehicles heading to the same destination.   Each driver is paid a fee and the process is convenient because the hook-up/unhook takes less than 5 minutes.   Each trailer is securely locked to prevent tampering and also equipped with a GPS device that constantly feeds location and speed data back to the tracking system enabling customers to track their packages in real time.  The loading/unloading of the trailers is done by employees at each terminal and deliveries are handled by a separate team of delivery drivers.

The Hitchmail system has the power to move massive volumes of parcels while reducing the shipping cost, providing better tracking, super convenient delivery, and is better for the environment.


shipping packages easily with Hitchmail
Hitchmail Trailer
in person delivery of package

Hitchmail is currently operating routes between  Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg.

parcel shipping between Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon