Because EVERY day is a “delivery day”! 

Hitchmail is a Canadian parcel shipping company that uses a unique network of crowdsourced drivers, self serve parcel drop boxes and provides a superior type of tracking that allows you to see the GPS location of your parcels during transit. Our prices are competitive with Canada Post except we will get the job done properly and on time.

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Ship and track your parcels by following these 4 easy Steps.

Step 1

Click on the “ship a parcel” button to check prices, pay with your credit card and print a shipping label.  


 Step 2

Attach the shipping label to your parcel.   

Step 3

Deposit your parcel into the nearest Hitchmail Drop Bin.

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Step 4

You will be sent a link to a virtual map where you can track the location of your parcel.

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Hitchmail Trailer

Why Hitchmail?

Free real time location tracking on your parcels

Customers can choose custom delivery to their GPS location

Ship/receive every day including weekends and holidays

Reduce shipping costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Hitchmail?

Hitchmail is perfect for individuals or businesses who want a lower cost alternative for shipping small parcels between major Canadian cities.  Our customers also value the added security and convenience of our improved tracking and delivery methods.

What sort of things can I ship with Hitchmail?

You can use Hitchmail to ship all types of regular goods as long as the parcel does not exceed our maximum size of 20″L x 13″w x 10″h  (50.8 x 33.02 x 25.4 cm.) or the maximum weight of 30lb (14 kg). Please note that we do not allow parcels containing liquids, perishable goods or any dangerous substances classified under MSDS.

Does Hitchmail have any insurance on parcels?

Yes, Hitchmail parcels can be insured to a maximum of $100 per parcel.

How do your shipping costs compare to other shipping companies like Canada Post or Purolator?

Hitchmail is usually less expensive than other shipping companies and this is because our trailers are towed between cities by private vehicles that are already making the trip.  This dramatically reduces costs and these savings are passed onto YOU the customer.  

How is Hitchmail tracking better than Canada Post or Fedex tracking?

  Hitchmail provides superior tracking that allows you to log into a virtual map and see the real time location of your parcel at all times.

Where do you operate?

Hitchmail is currently shipping between Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg.


I don't live in a major city, can I still use Hitchmail?

Hitchmail only delivers within the city limits of select Canadian cities.  The Hitchmail savings can be substantial so if you know someone with a home or business in these cities, consider having items picked up or delivered from there.

Is Hitchmail environmentally responsible?

Very much so.

We use crowdsourced drivers who commute between cities for school, work or traveling for any other reason.

Since we are harnessing the unused towing capacity of vehicles already going from point A to B, our freight delivery system reduces the carbon footprint by approximately 70%.

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